WalkMe: A Guide to boosting User Experience and Product Adoption

Unaware of the potential risks of introducing new software to their employees, many organizations wrongly assume a 100 percent adoption rate when presenting their employees with a new technology. Often organizations will forget or even ignore the fact that introducing a new technology entails employees having to step out of their respective comfort zones in an effort to adapt and familiarize themselves with a new technology.

Consequently, organizations should never dismiss the individual’s user experience or take user adoption for granted, as establishing the right environment is often necessary to ensure successful adoption and uptake of a newly acquired software.

At Gavdi, we believe that we have the experience, savvy and tools to do just that; facilitating an environment for successful user adoption, where users are able to both learn and carry out, key self-service processes from the moment they enter the system – this can be done at their own pace, and with no prior training whatsoever.

As part of our toolbox, we’re using WalkMe, a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP), which provides us with a means to seamlessly engage with the user in both teaching and enabling their digital process, regardless of their cloud based solution. Navigating a system using WalkMe’s Smart WalkThroughs can be a simple matter of clicking the highlighted elements you’re being shown on the screen with an adhering explanation on why you are clicking it. Repeated use of these walkthroughs, increases user retention on how to navigate the system, to the point where users can do it without WalkMe. In the short term, a user can rapidly understand the what, why and how – of the key processes within their system.

Using WalkMe is an extremely cost-effect way of facilitating learning and capability development. ‘Learning by doing’ is at the center of understanding how to interact and get comfortable with the system. In fact, WalkMe becomes a sustainable way of getting a better idea of key processes and system knowledge. Following new updates, content can be updated straight from the WalkMe editor, which is then made available on the system immediately.

As an organization looking to enable and facilitate your end-users digital transformation, have you considered some of these questions:

  • How quickly will new users see real value from your software, and find what they are looking for fast?
  • How can we make the user experience easy for all users – new as well as experienced?
  • How do we ensure on-going engagement with the system?

Through WalkMe, Gavdi is able to facilitate what we call Gavdi Performance Automation, automating essential SAP SuccessFactors processes in accordance with our best-practice, to the point where both new and experienced users are allowed focus solely on the prompted user inputs and the execution of the process – With contextual guidance, the user can start WalkMe at any given point in the process, with WalkMe recognizing the current step and navigating through the processes accordingly. It is the perfect tool for driving manager and employee self-service, providing system and process guidance on the go, reducing time-to-value from the moment the user enters the system, and increasing the task completion rate by executing processes in the intended way.

We have experience in creating user adoption solutions right across the SAP SuccessFactors suite, supported with Gavdi best-practice navigation, allowing every user to become a super user overnight.

About The Author

Jonas Ladekarl is a consultant at Gavdi Group with a wide experience in working with User Adoption within the sphere of Human Resource Management. Jonas is a WalkMe-certified Digital Adoption Consultant, with an educational background in HR, communication and change management.

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