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Gavdi ‘All-In’ for SuccessFactors

Since we were founded in 1999, Gavdi has delivered over 500 successful HR technology solutions, including over 200 SuccessFactors projects to date.

This knowledge and experience means we can deliver HR solutions to our customers quickly and efficiently, with a scalable business model. With over 80 certified SuccessFactors consultants we can deliver expertise quickly and deliver on time, every time.

Gavdi ‘All-In’ for SuccessFactors’ provides a cost-effective methodology to quickly deploy SAP’s award winning cloud HCM solution, with a fixed scope and fixed price, all based on industry recognised ‘best practice’ solutions.

With Gavdi ‘All-In’ there are no project overruns, no project overspends and no non-deliveries – we guarantee to deliver on time, on budget, getting you up and running faster. We do this in a simple ‘All-In’ subscription model that prices both subscriptions and implementation on a low-cost ‘per-employee’ pricing methodology that allows customers to spread the cost of the entire solution over the length of the contract period.

Gavdi ‘All-In’ utilises Gavdi’s Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) for SAP SuccessFactors, a configured solution that enables organisations to have a live SuccessFactors system in weeks, not months!

Gavdi ‘All-In’ and RDS for SuccessFactors comprise the following SAP solutions:

  • Employee Central
  • Performance & Goals
  • Career Development and Succession Planning
  • Learning Management
  • Compensation Management
  • Recruitment Management

When compared to the more ‘traditional’ separated Subscription and Services model, customers save over 30% using Gavdi ‘All-In’ and our RDS.*

*Based on and organisation of 1,000 employees deploying Employee Central, Performance & Goals and Recruitment Management. Please see the chart.

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