Continuous Learning is a Critical Factor in Delivering HR Transformation

No one understands the value that technology can bring to HR more than someone who has experienced the needs, demands, and dealt with the challenges of actually working in the HR function within a business. Andy Hodges of Gavdi, is one such a person.

With a background in HR, Hodges has a passion for driving HR transformation that places HR central within the business; a strategic tool that underpins business growth strategy by focusing on driving strong employee engagement. This is a viewpoint iterated by Stefan Ries, SAP CHRO, who commented at SuccessConnect recently, “We cannot provide a good customer experience without a good employee experience.” Indeed, as companies address digital transformation, the way that they interact with employees is critical, and identifying how HR can facilitate great employee experience is central to this.

Gavdi works with many large organizations to simplify their HR models – utilising Success Factors technology in the Cloud and on mobile. However, Andy Hodges believes that the customer relationship starts with an understanding of what employee engagement and continuous performance management looks like for that organization.

He explains, “Each company has a different culture, particular learning and compliance requirements and people who work from different locations with different HR needs – all of which combine to define the individuals’ experience within their organization. Transforming HR is different for each organization.”

“At Gavdi, we have a two-step approach that starts with a customer workshop to define the desired structure and cadence of the process we are looking at improving. An important element of this is enabling everyone to see how they can contribute and this is where SuccessFactors comes into its own, bringing consistent understanding, involvement and experience to both employees and HR.”

The second step, focuses on a specific functional area to enable continuous improvement evaluation and expansion. Both Cloud, and the flexibility of the tool, in conjunction with Gavdi’s approach based on value consulting, quickly enables the alignment of HR to the business as a key element of its strategy.

“If we take the banking industry for example, within one bank there are very different dynamics to another. On one side, you have the retail banking teams, on the other, the risk management and app development teams, this results in 2 distinct expectations: One is looking for engagement and absolute clarity. They want to see how they can contribute to the business, understand the link to performance and establish a transparent HR function and process. The other is looking for access to the tool on their mobile, they see value in engaging on the run, and want to have visibility of what is going on and if there are problems identify them and resolve them.”

Achieving balance is dependent on creating a culture in HR processes for all. Andy Hodges emphasises that 80% of the companies he speaks with, know that HR can play a more strategic role in the organisation, and that they need to progress from ‘talking’ to ‘doing’, adding “Companies need to embrace continuous learning models to ensure that as their organizations transform, the culture of engaged and conversational HR is established.”

By identifying goals upfront, Gavdi’s team can demonstrate to customers that with SuccessFactors this model is not complex and indeed that it is designed for HR leaders to be able to ‘keep it simple’ so they can easily navigate the road to HR transformation.

This approach is delivering true business value to Gavdi customers. One such customer is M+W, a Global engineering, procurement, construction and project management company. Gavdi has helped M+W to streamline and automate its HR processes to improve the employee experience. With a large dispersed, project-based workforce, mobile was a key consideration and working in partnership with Gavdi, the team gained the support of the CEO and COO who were both early adopters and champions of the mobile SuccessFactors apps.

As Joanne Merry, Head of HR – NW Europe & MEA, comments, “So we have a happy HR team now, as we have an easy to use intuitive HR solution. I would absolutely recommend SuccessFactors. It’s easy to use, it’s flexible..”

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Placing importance on creating a strong implementation partnership approach, in conjunction with the flexibility of SuccessFactors, Gavdi is driving strategic HR, and business transformation.

Joanne Merry adds, “Now when I look at new suppliers for HR I always look for ones that are interested in developing partnerships rather than straight contract exchange relationships simply because of the great way we worked with Gavdi.”

In conclusion, Andy Hodges comments, “HR transformation is not a ‘technical configuration’ exercise it is a ‘human-to-human’ conversation and process. It demands a true partnership from all stakeholders that starts by putting ‘people first’ and supports continuous learning. Business transformation is ongoing and HR must lead the way – otherwise these initiatives will not achieve their desired effect.”

Gavdi, is an EMEA-based SAP partner that transforms HR for companies in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Portugal, UAE (serving the GCC) and The UK.

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