Gavdi EasyPay

Gavdi EasyPay

Payroll is a crucial process which requires high quality and timely data inputs, combined with logical, accurate calculations and appropriate outputs. Gavdi EasyPay is a combination of proven SAP Payroll technology, Gavdi best practices and expert service delivery in a solution that represents the next generation of payroll process automation.

Historically speaking, Payroll projects have typically been a long and drawn out process. With Gavdi EasyPay, delivered by Gavdi’s Managed Cloud Services, we import our pre-built solutions and adjust it to meet your needs – a simple payroll solution that caters for local payroll needs.


  1. Best Practice Separation of HR and Payroll Administration tasks – the Payroll tasks menu enables payroll to manage their workload effectively
  2. One-Click monitoring – giving payroll early insight into data quality issues via Gavdi developed country-specific validation rules.
  3. Three-Click payroll – ensuring that all country-specific payroll process requirements are met, including producing bank payment files, statutory/third-party reports and payslips accessed via employee enablement (self-service capability).
  4. Overall Visibility – KPI data is highly visible for Payroll and Finance users so they have quick, real time, insights without needing to wait for reports to be produced.

Gavdi EasyPay provides a cost-effective methodology to quickly deploy our version of SAP’s award-winning payroll solution, which provides the ‘engine’ for our solution.  Our implementation methodology, Gavdi Activate, takes a realistic and cost-effective approach to the implementation of Gavdi EasyPay. Our methodology leverages industry best practices, with a common set of tools and processes, resulting in the most efficient utilisation of project resources to realise project objectives.

Why do customers choose Gavdi to deploy their SAP Payroll solution?

With over 50 payroll experts, Gavdi is one of the most experienced payroll consultancies in the EMEA region. We have used this expertise to create an Employee Central Payroll solution with pre-developed content based on best practices and powered by SAP’s award-winning Payroll Engine. With Gavdi EasyPay there is a faster return on investment alongside significant cost savings. Customers regain control of payroll processes quickly and easily, with a simple implementation cost, yearly subscription fee and ongoing support.


Gavdi EasyPay – The Flexible Payroll Solution


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