SAP Commissions

Streamline Commissions and Incentive Compensation

Commissions and Incentive Compensation

Selling is more complex than ever – Many companies support the performance of their staff with performance-based incentives as part of their total compensation strategy – To ensure your sales organisation is a strategic asset and your top sellers are engaged, you must keep sellers motivated and ensure that they feel connected, supported, and empowered with an effective incentive compensation program.

About SAP Commissions

The SAP Commissions solution delivers incentive compensation management functionality (ICM) that helps you motivate sales, shape selling behaviour, and increase revenue with strategic sales incentives. Offering a single trusted source of sales performance data for sellers, the solution helps you create, manage, optimize, and distribute effective incentive compensation plans at scale.

Key Features

Rapid automation & embedded AI


Robust reporting & analytics

Comprehensive incentive
compensation management

Universal accessibility

Real-time payment and
performance insights

Custom UI branding & dashboards

Personalised, role-
based dashboard

Quick deployment & integration

One-click traceability, enabling
rapid resolution of inquiries

Gobal scalability

Prescriptive AI-enabled
optimization recommendation

SAP Commissions

With SAP Commissions, you can use sales commissions to promote your strategic goals, increase revenue, and drive the most profitable sales behaviours – Turn your sales organization into a strategic asset with agile sales performance management that helps you react quickly to changing market conditions.

Image of a head lighting up, representing strategic incentive compensation plans

Improve selling

Develop and distribute strategic incentive compensation plans at scale to drive the right sales outcomes for your global workforce.

Three arrows in ascending height order, representing increased incentive compensation plan performance

Increase incentive
compensation ROI

Unlock insights with rich analytics and leverage prescriptive AI recommendations to improve plan performance without third-party business intelligence software.

An invoice, a calculator, and coins, representing traceability features in SAP Commissions

Reduce risk, payment errors,
and comp disputes

Address sales compensation inquiries, eliminate overpayments and achieve payment dispute resolution in seconds with one-click traceability.

Discover how

Discover how SAP Commissions offers incentive compensation management functionality that helps you motivate sales, shape selling behaviour, and increase revenue! If you are interested in learning more about SAP Commissions or Gavdi Groups range of Total Workforce Management Solutions, then please contact us here.

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