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In today’s changing world of work, employees expect better experiences – especially in learning, development, and growth. Employees want learning experiences that are virtual, selfdirected, and available when needed.

To ensure your employees are constantly adapting and expanding their skills, it’s important to provide an environment which emphasizes continuous learning. Training should not be viewed as a one time event that occurs when you get hired for a job. Rather, it should be a continuous process that never ends as long as you remain employed.

About Litmos

Litmos is an online training platform that enables smarter, faster eLearning. The solution is comprised of a powerful learning management system (LMS), Litmos Training, and a content-rich training course catalog, Litmos Training Content. It’s the ideal combination to improve Learning and Development and HR training programs by automating tasks from course creation to assignment to tracking and reporting and beyond.

Why Choose Litmos via Gavdi?

Litmos solutions enable companies to leverage learning as a key connection between people and performance – both individual and organisational. It’s the only learning platform a company needs to centralize and deliver training across the entire business

Top Features

Rapid automation & embedded AI

Rapid automation
& embedded AI

Robust reporting & analytics

Robust reporting
& analytics

Universal accessibility

Fast, automated
user onboarding

High engagement & adoption

High engagement
& adoption

Custom UI branding & dashboards

Custom UI branding
& dashboards

Quick deployment & integration

Quick deployment
& simple integration

Gobal scalability


Built-in content authoring

Built-in content

Training Content

Litmos Training Content is an off-the-shelf content library full of professionally created, video-based courses on topics from compliance to sales and service skills to health and well-being – and everything in between.

Content can be created from scratch with the built-in Content Author tool or curated from the ready-to-use library. And, the interface can be easily customized to match the company’s brand, even offering different layouts and designs to create unique experiences for different audiences.

Litmos solutions enable businesses to deliver critical knowledge to employees, customers, and partners at any time, on any device — even offline.

With Litmos solutions, businesses can leverage learning as a top competitive advantage because it fuels adaptivity and empowers transformation – the keys to thriving in any business environment. Litmos solutions enable companies to leverage learning as the central connection between people and performance.

Gavdi and Litmos Enable smarter, faster corporate learning

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