Gavdi ‘All-In’ for SuccessFactors is a commercial subscription model which takes the subscription based model used in cloud deployments one step further. It provides a cost-effective methodology to quickly deploy SAP’s award winning cloud HCM solution, with a fixed scope and fixed price, all based on industry recognised ‘best practice’ solutions
Gavdi ‘All-In’ utilises Gavdi’s Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) for SAP SuccessFactors, a configured solution that enables organisations to have a live SuccessFactors system in weeks, not months.

Traditional implementations can be slow and costly, but our preconfigured software and service packages have enabled us to simplify the delivery and implementation process. The Gavdi “All-In” concept uses industry best practices, which provides us with the ability to deploy quickly, predictably, and affordably. Our Rapid Deployment solutions guarantee not only faster deployment time but also the opportunity of significant savings. The solutions also offer customers the opportunity to grow and scale their solutions over time and as required. Gavdis rapid deployment solutions provide customers with a cost effective method of obtaining the SAP awarding winning HCM –SuccessFactors.

At Gavdi we believe that Implementation of cloud solutions should be simple, fast and efficient whilst also, providing our customers a return on their Investment. We accelerate the deployment of SuccessFactors by combining industry best practices with a preconfigured solution. This process is supported by the extensive experience we have already with SAP SuccessFactor deployments. To date Gavdi has been responsible for over 230 successful implementations across the EMEA region.

Why Rapid Deployment?


Gavdi Rapid Deployments consist of:

  • A pre-configured Solution.
  • A clearly defined implementation methodology.
  • A Statement of Work describing the delivered solution.
  • A Configuration Workbook matching the delivered solution.
  • Presentations for customer-facing days and activities.
  • Pre-defined training material.
  • A training system based on the delivered solution.

We package our Rapid Deployment Solutions into three easy understandable delivery concepts. Each concept can be formulated and aligned to fit your business needs or requirements. They can be tailor fitted to businesses of all sizes, regardless of whether you’re a small to medium sized business or a large enterprise.

Gavdi Rapid Deployment Solutions


Ready to Run – provides a perfect fit for most small businesses. The pre-configured solution ensures the deployment of SuccessFactors in up to four weeks. It is delivered on a predefined fixed scope, fixed timeline and fixed price model. Gavdi “Ready to Run” is the perfect solution for small to medium sized businesses who are looking for a best of breed HR and talent solution at an affordable price.

RDS + – provides a great solution for the more complex requirements of small to medium sized businesses. Gavdi RDS + is a preconfigured solution that allows deployment of SuccessFactors in up to eight weeks. Gavdi RDS + allows a pre- defined number of adjustments to the pre-configured Gavdi “Ready to Run” solution. It is also delivered as a ‘fixed price, fixed timeline’ model, based on the customer’s requirements. It provides the perfect solution for large enterprises looking for a fast and cost effective deployment of SAP SuccessFactors.

Accelerator – provides businesses of all sizes with the opportunity of having a prebuilt solution that can be customized to the customer requirements. It is also delivered rapidly at a fixed price and a fixed timeline with a clearly defined methodology. This accelerated approach allows our customers to start transforming their business rapidly and cost effectively with the implementation of the award winning HCM suite – SuccessFactors.

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