Gavdi HR Analytics

Gavdi HR Analytics

Today, HR departments are generating more data than ever before, but at the same time they often struggle to turn their data into valuable insights. In such an environment, adopting an evidence-based approach to HR is crucial to business success. In response to this, Gavdi has created a best practice pre-packaged solution to enable analytical HR reporting for SuccessFactors which we call “Gavdi HR Analytics”, a complete solution for people analytics.

Gavdi HR Analytics takes a real-world and cost-effective approach to the implementation of SAP Analytic Cloud. We offer an accelerated, easy-to-implement and risk-adverse way of deploying analytics, providing a faster return on Investment. With Gavdi HR Analytics, organisations can discover, analyse, plan, predict, and collaborate in one seamless experience.

With Gavdi HR Analytics, we enable organisations to leverage data and HR analytics with greater speed and ease, when making business decisions. HR analytics from Gavdi provides data-driven insights, across all HR processes and enables strategic and operational workforce planning.

Gavdi HR Analytics offers customers a simple, affordable and scalable implementation option. Our solution was developed to secure customers of all sizes, in all industries, an efficient and streamlined implementation of SAP Analytics Cloud, With Gavdi HR Analytics, we guarantee that your project will be delivered on time and within agreed budgets.

Why do customers choose Gavdi to deploy their HR Analytics solution?

With over 250 experts, Gavdi is one of the most experienced SuccessFactors consultancies in the EMEA region. We have used this expertise to create an analytics solution based on proven and award-winning best practices, powered by SAP Analytics Cloud.

Gavdi HR Analytics allows you to accelerate your organization’s understanding of Big Data in HR and use your workforce insights strategically, helping drive improved business results. Simplify and enrich fact-based decision making across your organisation today, with Gavdi HR Analytics.



Gavdi HR Analytics – People Analytics, Making better decisions, Faster


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