Gavdi Group donates DKK 250,000 to Doctors Without Borders

The 250,000 Danish Kroner that Gavdi Group’s management and employees have chosen to give to Doctors Without Borders (MSF) will help make a huge difference in our work for people all over the world in need of medical care”

“Gavdi Group has chosen to donate DKK 250,000 to the work of MSF. The donation comes after a wish to focus not only on the financial health of the company, but also an increased focus on our mental wellbeing and our place within society. On the back of Gavdi’s best financial year ever, our success allows us the financial freedom to share some of this year’s proceeds with a charitable organization. We are pleased to be able to support MSF”, said Gavdi Group’s CEO, Søren Koppelhus.

After another year in which the whole world has struggled with COVID-19, medical assistance and medical care for millions of people is highly needed. While MSF has helped to contain infections, treat patients with COVID-19 and assist in the vaccination rollout, the need to vaccinate children against measles, provide safe births to women and provide clean water to places like refugee camps has not gone down. Other humanitarian challenges have not been paused during the pandemic.

This year, we have witnessed Afghanistan being plunged into a major conflict that exacerbated the country’s crisis and brought both the economy and the health system to its knees. MSF has maintained its activities throughout the process in five areas of the country, despite the uncertain situation.

It is possible to provide that help and to other medical emergencies worldwide, because MSF receives donations from supportive companies like the one from the Gavdi Group.

“We are incredibly happy and proud that Gavdi Group has chosen to support us with such a generous amount. It is thanks to companies such as Gavdi Group, among others, that we can be present with medical emergency services where the need is greatest. The donation helps make a big difference to some of the world’s most vulnerable people”, Malin Palmér, General Director of MSF Denmark, says.

About Gavdi

The Gavdi Group is an employee-owned company with a proud heritage and an outstanding reputation for delivering award-winning SAP workforce management solutions built around human experience management – HXM. Since we opened our first office in Copenhagen in 1999, our ever-evolving history is one of continuous innovation and expert delivery in the area of SAP human experience management solutions. We have used our success to expand our areas of operation to 11 countries in the EMEA region, much of which was driven by customer demand.

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is the world’s largest medical humanitarian aid organization. MSF is present in over 70 countries worldwide and provide emergency medical assistance to victims of wars, conflicts and disasters.

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