VR Group - Transforming Business Outcomes With People Analytics

VR Group – Transforming Business Outcomes With People Analytics


Jukka Aapro | Senior Solution Advisor | Gavdi Group
Marjut Hyytiäinen | Director, People Services and Operations | VR Group

Are you interested in learning how People Analytics can be utilised by HR teams and managers to help organisations develop their leadership practices, managerial processes, and employee wellbeing?

Join Marjut Hyytiäinen, Director of People Services and Operations, VR Group and Gavdi Groups subject matter expert, Jukka Aapro in what promises to be an insightful session, on how People Analytics is being utilised at VR Group.

In today’s corporate landscape, where the attraction, development, and retention of talent is more crucial than ever, modern organisations tend to be increasingly interested in the utilisation of people data. People analytics can drive and influence business decisions with data-driven insights and an evidence-based approach to HR. This webinar will showcase real life examples of how VR Group is harnessing the power of data analytics to find ways to promote data-driven management practices.


  • An introduction to Gavdi Group
  • VR Group – Enabling data-driven management with People Analytics insights
  • How VR Group utilises People Analytics
  • Gavdi Group – People Analytics as a Service
  • How analytical solutions for people data can be implemented (case VR Group)
  • Q&A


Wed, 29 Nov. 2023 10:00 – 11:00 CET

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