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Introducing Cash Advance & Petty Cash from SAP Concur

Despite its importance, petty cash remains an area of company finances that receives a minimal amount of attention. And this is what makes it such potential risk. Inadequate management of petty cash can leave a business dangerously susceptible to the risks of workplace fraud, inefficient processes and compliance breaches.

The increasing focus on spend management is being driven by the business needs to digitally transform, put more spend under management, and manage risk. In recognition of this Gavdi Group are pleased to share details of an upcoming webinar on the topic of “Petty Cash Management made Easy – Increasing Visibility & Control”.

Join us as we look at how organizations are increasingly looking toward technology to alleviate the pressure. Gavdi subject matter expert, Simon Williams will provide attendees with an overview and demonstration of the Cash Advance & Petty Cash solution from SAP Concur. This webinar will outline how SAP Concur expense management solutions are enabling organisations to track cash advances through managed processes, provide greater visibility of organisation’s spend and remain compliant.

If you are interested in empowering and managing your employee spend with SAP Concur or would like some insights and recommendations into how SAP Concur can help you address your spend management challenges, then this is a must attend session for you.

Webinar will cover

  • Introduction
  • An Introduction to Cash Advance & Petty Cash from SAP Concur
  • Product Demonstration
  • 5 Key Takeaways
  • Questions & Answers


Date: 11th of November
11.00am -12.00 CET

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