Introducing PXMSOFT Org - Chart and Modelling

Introducing PXMSOFT Org – Chart and Modelling

Delivering new perspectives on SAP SuccessFactors organisational structures and HR data

Understanding the current structure of your organisation at the earliest stage of a reorganisation process is surprisingly difficult to achieve, and successfully planning the final
structure starts with this understanding. PXMSOFT Org – Chart and Modelling addresses these issues and a lot more.

As a current user of SAP SuccessFactors, you no doubt can appreciate that the tool in isolation cannot meet every organisational requirement in terms of the efficient visualisation of HR data.

In recognition of these challenges we are pleased to share details of an upcoming webinar on the topic PXMSOFT Org – Chart and Modelling. Seamlessly integrated into SAP SuccessFactors, PXMSOFT Org – chart and Modelling not only highlights critical aspects of organizational design but also provides the ability to simulate structural changes based on the current state. This allows you to illustrate and evaluate potential future structures of the organisation before implementation.

Join us for what promises to be an insightful session on the features, functionality and benefits of PXMSOFT Org – Chart and Modelling – Presented by Jakob Stigaard Sørensen.


  • An introduction to PXMSOFT Org – Chart and Modelling
  • Product Demonstration
  • Key Takeaways
  • Questions and Answers


Thursday, 29th of February 11.00-12.00am CET

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