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An Introduction to Gavdi Easy Documents

Simplifying the Creation and Generation of HR Documents 

Guest Speakers: Ivan Juhl Nielsen, Gavdi Consultant

Every day presents a new set of ‘People-Process-Technology’ challenges for HR professionals. From the time a prospective employee first comes into contact with an organisation, to the time they leave or retire, HR professionals must deal with an array of document types and processes that span the entire lifecycle of an employment relationship. This more often-than-not leads to frustration and delay on the part of both employer and employee.

Built on the SAP Cloud Platform, Gavdi Easy Documents provides an innovative and user-friendly application which enables HR professionals to define different document types and variations of a document, eliminating the need for multiple versions of the same document

Gavdi Group, an SAP Gold Partner, are delivering an informative webinar where attendees can explore how Gavdi Easy Documents can enable their organisation  to streamline the entire process, from document definition to daily document processing. Gavdi subject matter expert, Ivan Juhl Nielsen, will provide attendees with invaluable insights into how Gavdi Easy Documents provides a framework to lower the cost of processing employee related documents, whilst ensuring that all documents generated, adhere to internal company policies and regulations. Thus, reducing time (and frustration) for both employer and employee.

If you want to improve efficiency and productivity by centralising  the way HR departments create, manage and process employee documents, – then this is a must attend session for you.

The webinar will cover

  • Overview of the current challenges
  • Gavdi Easy Documents solution & How it Meets those Challenges
  • 5 key takeaways from the session

The Gavdi Group is an employee-owned company with a proud Scandinavian heritage and an outstanding reputation for delivering award-winning SAP and SuccessFactors Solutions.

Since we opened our first office in Copenhagen in 1999, our history is one of continuous innovation and expert delivery in the area of SAP solutions. We have used our success to expand our areas of operation in to 13 countries in the EMEA region, much of which was driven by customer demand.

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Date: Tuesday, May 19th
11.00 – 12.00 CET

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