Since we were founded in 1999, Gavdi has delivered over 400 successful HR technology solutions, including over 250 SuccessFactors projects to date. Our knowledge and experience means we can deliver HR solutions to our customers quickly and efficiently, with a scalable business model. This combined with over 80 certified SuccessFactors consultants enables us to deliver expertise quickly and deliver on time, every time. However the success we have enjoyed to date has also been significantly shaped by the great relationship we have with our customers. Gavdi’s foundations were built on customer centricity and it’s a value that we still hold dearly today.

Gavdi understands the challenges our customers face and has always endeavoured to support and meet these challenges with them. These challenges were central to the Gavdi thought process when we first started thinking about a new way to deploy SAP’s award winning cloud HCM solution – SuccessFactors.

In developing our latest concept, we wanted to be able to provide the customer with a HR solution that was firstly affordable, secondly based on all industry recognised ‘best practice solutions and finally a solution that could be deployed rapidly.

After months of research and development, I am delighted to say that we have brought our concept to fruition. Gavdi “All-In” for SuccessFactors is now a reality. In meeting our customer’s requirements, Gavdi ‘All-in’ for SuccessFactors’ provides a cost-effective methodology to quickly deploy SAP’s award winning cloud HCM solution with a fixed scope and fixed price, all based on industry recognised ‘best practice’ solutions.

Our latest concept also ensures full transparency of costs when transitioning to the cloud. Gavdi ‘All-In’ transforms all costs into a price-per-user, per month (PEPM) ensuring full accountability.

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Gavdi ‘All-In’ for SuccessFactors is a commercial subscription model which takes the subscription based model used in cloud deployments one step further. Our ‘All-In’ subscription model prices both subscriptions and implementations on a low-cost ‘per-employee’ pricing methodology allowing customers to spread the cost of the entire solution over the length of the contract period. The significant advantage of this, is that it provides organisations with the opportunity of owning an award winning HCM suite at a significant lower cost.

In choosing Gavdi ‘All-In’ you can be guaranteed a solution which is delivered on time and on budget.

6 Reasons for going Gavdi “All-In”

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Finally, Gavdi “All-In” was developed and designed to provide customers of all sizes, across all industries a cost effective method of managing their biggest asset – their people. Gavdi “All-In” for SuccessFactors accelerates that investment by ensuring your teams are aligned and optimised.

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