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Cultivating the next generation of leaders

With Guest Speaker Alan Lau, SuccessFactors Consultant, Gavdi Group.

The webinar will provide attendees with invaluable insights into how you can identify and develop the talent needed to improve your organizational strength. Learn how to create strategic succession planning processes that reach deep into the organization, align with business needs, and drive better business outcomes.

Our guest speaker, Alan Lau, will also provide attendees with a first-hand account of his experience in the implementation and deployment of SAP SuccessFactors Succession Management module.

The webinar will cover

  • An Introduction into Succession Management.
  • Reducing organisational risk with talent continuity.
  • Identifying talent and nominating successors to key organisational positions.
  • Visualising succession plans to help identify gaps for critical roles.
  • Visualising the workforce to identify top performers.
  • Leveraging the use of development to help grow your successors.

The Gavdi Group is an employee-owned company with a proud Scandinavian heritage and an outstanding reputation for delivering award-winning SAP and SuccessFactors Solutions.

Since we opened our first office in Copenhagen in 1999, our history is one of continuous innovation and expert delivery in the area of SAP solutions. We have used our success to expand our areas of operation in to 13 countries in the EMEA region, much of which was driven by customer demand.

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A recording of the session can be found by Registering on the link below.

Date : 18th of May at 10.00 BST / 11.00 am. (CET)


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