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Facebook has dominated the Polish market. According to the research conducted by We Are Social, as many as 14 million Poles already have an active account with the site. Social media solutions are also appreciated by businesses, which implement internal social platforms for their employees. Building relations, quick knowledge exchange between employees, and improving effectiveness and engagement are only some of the benefits of a corporate social site.

A corporate social site may address many of the questions asked by companies for years: how to get employees involvement, how to encourage them to share knowledge, and how to build relations, especially in organisations with a dispersed structure. An intuitive platform with an interface that uses solutions well known from most popular social websites enables employees to keep in touch with other team members, regardless of time and place. The interactive character of social sites, including the ability to share documents and media files in real time, improves cooperation between individual employees or groups, in particular when implementing demanding and long-term projects, which ensures speed and effectiveness of operations. Such solution is used, among others, by NEUCA Group, a leader in wholesale distribution of pharmaceuticals.

“We have decided to implement the corporate social site JAM SuccessFactors with the support from Gavdi Polska in order to improve our internal communications. Employees of NEUCA Group can now share their knowledge as part of group work, share videos, images, files and statuses in real time, create blog entries, record desktop, or conduct a survey. Since we started to use the solution, we have observed considerable interest and activity on the site on the part of our employees,” says Andrzej Zieliński, Head of Central Department of HR Policy, NEUCA Group.

Support for HR Department

Tools such as discussion groups, forums, knowledge bases or blogs enable continuous exchange of knowledge and experience. Employees can create both private and public discussion groups which enable them to talk about relevant issues at any time and place. Using corporate communication sites significantly improves employee development and performance management processes. With advanced tools, managers can more effectively manage knowledge exchange within the company, significantly lower training costs, and shorten information acquisition time. Modern sites also support solution acceptance within the organization, allowing for assignment of points for performing specific tasks (e.g. filling in a profile, posting a document, commenting in a discussion).

Another benefit of corporate social sites consists in lower operating costs thanks to the ability to transfer the performance of some tasks to the corporate network and limit face to face meetings which often involve costly business trips.

“More and more businesses, also in Poland, implement innovative communication tools for their employees, which results from the popularity of social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Strengthening relations within the company, improved employee motivation, ability to share knowledge, easier access to up-to-date information, and increased effectiveness thanks to online collaboration are only some of the benefits offered to businesses by a corporate social platform,” says Teresa Olszewska, President of the Management Board of Gavdi Polska S.A., a company which offers JAM SuccessFactors, a corporate social platform solution.Gavdi Polska S.A. specializes in providing consulting, programming and application support services for SAP HCM and Success Factors as well as for related areas such as employee and manager self-service, SAP Enterprise Learning, SAP e-Recruiting, corporate sites, and technology consulting.

Gavdi uses proprietary tools for supporting the implementation and maintenance of SAP HCM (data migration tools, Replicator) and offers products complementary to SAP HCM (eDeklaracje, eTeczka, ePaski, Korekty ZUS, Document Generator, Replicator, OrgChart).

Gavdi Polska has its own Consulting Team, Application Development Center, and Application Support Center. The company employs more than 60 application and technology consultants, developers, and project managers with many years’ experience in implementing SAP HCM and SuccessFactors in companies from various industries, including multi-entity and geographically dispersed ones.

For the last three years, more than 100 companies have used Gavdi services.

Gavdi Polska S.A. is part of Gavdi, an international group originating from Denmark (with headquarters in Copenhagen) and also operating in Norway, Sweden, Finland, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, and United Arab Emirates. More information can be found at

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