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Metsä Group Boosting Human Capital Management with SuccessFactors

Bioeconomy pioneer Metsä Group is a successful international company focusing in personnel development. Talent management is one of the key HR processes to ensure strategic resource planning, leadership and key competence development.

Long term and goal-oriented business support requires top-quality Human Capital Management to develop competences and career paths.

Metsä Group chose the SAP SuccessFactors and Gavdi Finland as its implementation partner to pilot HCM cloud tools.

Gavdi was selected as our partner, because the company has strong knowledge of HCM technologies and project management capabilities. SAP HR solutions are already in use with our other core HR processes,” says Metsä Group Project Manager Annie Laukkanen who was responsible for the pilot project.

Gavdi provided us with some best practice implementation concepts, which helped us to design our HR operational model within the new cloud systems. We appreciated the customer driven and flexible service which Gavdi provided. Our relationship with Gavdi has continued after the project go-live in the form of application support.

The customer-vendor cooperation must be seamless and occasionally extra effort is required on both sides. Our concept has been especially designed for cost-effective cloud implementations,” says Gavdi Finland Oy Technology Manager Jukka Aapro. ”With the new cloud technology our customers benefit from functionality that can be utilised in all HR processes.

The SAP SuccessFactors cloud solution was integrated as part of the Metsä Group overall IT architecture and implemented in 2016.

Metsä Group is a forerunner in bioeconomy utilising renewable wood from sustainably managed northern forests. Metsä Group focuses on wood supply and forest services, wood products, pulp, fresh forest fibre paperboards and tissue and cooking papers.

Metsä Group’s sales totalled EUR 5.0 billion in 2015, and it employs approximately 9,600 people. The Group operates in some 30 countries. Metsäliitto Cooperative is the parent company of Metsä Group and is owned by approximately 116,000 Finnish forest owners.

Gavdi is the leading SAP SuccessFactors consulting company. We have over 400 customers globally and personnel located in 15 offices across 14 countries.

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